How-To: High Ponytail For Short Hair, Using Clip-In Hair Extensions!!

5 years ago

Hello everyone, so today i am gonna be telling you how and what you can do to achieve a high ponytail for short hair or long using clip in hair extensions!!! What you will need is a hair brush, bobby pins, hairspray, teasing comb,and of course some hair extensions. If you are like me and have fine/thin short hair and want a thicker ponytail then this is the right post for you!! So here`s what you do first!! (1.) Start out by brushing your hair at your crown, gather a tiny amount of hair and secure it in a tiny ponytail. (2.) Take at least 4 or 5 wefts that have 3,2,and 1 clips on them. If you have your hair extensions layered like i do it will make it blend a lot easier. Taking the first longest length weft and unclip the clips and start by wrapping the weft at the base of the tiny ponytail you created. So pretty much you are wrapping the hair extension weft around the ponytail and clipping it around your ponytail as you go. (3.) Once you have clipped each hair extension weft around the base leave it alone and begin to tease your hair at the crown. You want to tease because this is gonna help add volume,height,and help prevent any hair extension wefts from showing. I used Sally`s Beauty Supply Teaze by phillips teasing comb and Aussie Aussome volume hairspray. (4.) Now start grabbing all of your hair and start bringing it up into a high ponytail. Taking a hair brush, brush the sides and back of your hair helping it be tangle free and allow it to help gather every inch and length of your hair. (5.) Once you have gathered and untangled any knots take a hair tie or hair elastic that`s closest to your hair color. Go ahead and secure your ponytail in place. (6.) Take some bobby pins if you have some loose baby hairs and pin in place as well, make sure you have bobby pins that are close to your hair color as well. (7.) To make this ponytail higher take your two fingers and gently pull two strands of your hair up. What i am trying to say, start by pulling your hair up as if you were tightening your ponytail. This is just gonna make your ponytail higher. (8.) Give your hair a spritz of hairspray just to tame any baby hairs. (9.) Go ahead and feel around for any clips to make sure they are all hidden. You can also grab a mirror and take a look just to make sure!! So that`s all you have to do to achieve your high ponytail using clip-in hair extensions!!! It does take a few or so tries to get this high ponytail!! You just have to make sure you place the clips in properly, other than that it is very simple and fast. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading!!! Please comment,like,and add!!! Pictures are mine:))
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