HOW TO: Have an Awesome Girls Night

It is one thing to plan, and another to ensure a totally fun night for you and your best friends! Here are some tips that I have personally used to make a night you will never forget.

1.) If you are going to have drinks, don`t get TOO drunk. ( You don`t want to be throwing up when you and your girls are having a heart to heart) *or maybe that would be a little funny.

2.)ALWAYS have music playing! This is a must. Music makes people want to dance or remember the good ol` times. ( `Yeah` by Usher, anyone?)

3.) Create an iMovie trailer on your iPhone. Believe it or not, in the end, it looks legit! and is SUPER funny to do! My friends and I recently just did the scary movie one, and it got so intense!

4.) Board Game time! (Everyone knows it is fun once you get into it) Even sharades..

5.) Have a place to go (like a club or a hookah bar) that all of them can get dressed up! There is something about wearing dresses and hair extensions that just brings in a fun atmosphere.

6.) DO invite boys: I know kind of a rule breaker, but boys add spice and they can always take pictures for you!

7.) Do something dangerous, and get away with it. (Streaking, nah just kidding)

8. Paint each others toes!


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