How To Have a F**Kit attitude

5 years ago

I dont know what the rules are on non-review posts on LUUUX, but I wanted to create a post on how to have a F**K it attitude. This basically means not to really care about every embarrassing moment. Embarrassing moments can be like you walk down the hallway and open the hallway doors like your cool and all of a sudden that door swings back around hitting you in the face, or you leave your phone in a classroom and your crush sees the most embarrassing pic of you as a screen saver. Those 2 examples have happened to me and after five minutes of cringing I basically said, F**K it. Every time you feel embarrassed ask your self so what? Yes they might laugh or make fun of you now, but whose going to remember this next yr or in five years for that matter. Currently I am a sophomore in high school and when I was a freshmen I would be embarrassed by every stupid thing I said or did. But after I began watching Skins (the British version) I stole the motto F**K it from one of the characters and am glad I did. Every time something embarrassing happens to you think about it when you go home and when your done thinking about it and asking your self who cares. Then look in the mirror and say F**K it, I have a life to go live. Because at the end of the day we all have regrets and we all cringe at remembering embarrassing moments but remember no one cares as much as you do. So stop caring/worrying! Just F**K it!

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