How To: Grow Out Your Hair

5 years ago

*Photo is mine. That is me.*

A lot of my friends ask how I grew my hair out so long and kept it healthy. I told them and decided to tell you guys what I do.

I am speaking from my own opinions and experience. I am not a certified hair doctor. Haha

Old wives tale says that getting a haircut will help hair grow faster. No no no. Hair grows from your roots, not the ends. So getting a hair cut isn`t going to help hair grow any faster and not getting a haircut won`t hinder hair growth. I, personally, only get a trim once a year in the summer. I know. Hate me.

If you use a lot of hair products, I don`t, but if you do make sure to have a good shampoo that will thoroughly clean out all the gunk from the products. If your scalp is crusted with hair products it could stop hair from growing as quickly.

Now I mentioned that I only get a trim once a year, so to keep my ends nice and split end free, I use Moroccan oil on the ends and a deep conditioner.

My overall tip, is to give your hair time. It will grow long eventually.

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