How To Get Yourself To Workout In The Morning!

5 years ago

Exercise is important to a healthy life as well as eating right and resting enough... but did you know that working out in the morning might actually be better for you than working out at other times? I know that this is a debatable topic and that some people say it makes no difference when you exercise as long as you do it, but nevertheless working out in the morning DOES-
1. Boost your energy levels for the day (and wake you up)
2. Starts your metabolism up
3. CAN prevent you from eating unhealthy for the day. (this is debatable, but I do find that I eat a healthier breakfast after working out... dinner on the other hand is another story)

Personally, I am a runner, and I love running in the morning, sadly though I have school. For school, I have to wake up at 5:30 and I run ~45 minutes every other day after school. (I do run in the morning on weekends though!) I think it would be crazy to wake up at like 4 am just to run....I wish I could, but it`s not possible considering I sleep at like 10:30 at night! Plus it would be too cold to run in the morning!! (I know excuses, excuses, but I will be running early in the morning in the summertime since I have no school and there won`t be any oven like temperatures *hopefully* at 6 in the morning)

So for those who want to workout early, but can`t seem to get themselves to do it, here is what I would recommend for you to do! -

1.Schedule a Workout You Want to Do- For me, that is running. If you hate running, don`t run in the morning! Pick something you like such as zumba, kickboxing, or even jumping rope!

2.Get Some Sleep- Get at least ~8 hours of good sleep before you wake up. If you are rested, your workout would go by so much faster and you would get more out of it. I know I personally don`t do this (my sleep is everywhere! I get like 5-7 hours each night depending on the day)

3.Lay Out Your Clothes the Night Before- Why make it harder for yourself in the morning? Just set your clothes out and that is one less thing to do. I know I do this when I want to run in the morning.

4.Eat a Small Snack- Food = energy! Just make sure to eat something that is good such as an energy bar or a slice of bread with pb. Don`t have something to big, but eat something so you have energy. Personally, I eat crackers and nut butter at night right before I sleep if I know I am running tomorrow . (I have a weak stomach and can`t work out after eating )

5.Just Do It!!- Enough said. Stop thinking and Just Do It! It`ll be over before you know it and you`ll feel 100% better after!!!
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