How to Get Rid of Pimples And Other Secrets for Healthy Skin

4 years ago

Skin problem #1: I have rough, dry skin all over my body.

Colleen: This happens to everyone in the winter because of the colder, drier weather. Ive found that it helps to shower every other day.
Jenn: Thats a good idea because waterespecially hotdehydrates your skin. It seems counterintuitive, but every dermatologist Ive asked says its true. If you cant go a day without showering, keep showers short and turn down the water temperature.
Colleen: An aesthetician once told me dry body brushing helps, too. Before I shower, I run a body brush over my skin using upward strokesit removes the flaky dry skin cells so moisturizer penetrates better. After the shower, I apply Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Moisturizing Cream.
Melanie: But the trick is you have to put on lotion when your skins still warm and damp from the shower in order to seal in the moisture.
Jenn: I know thats what youre supposed to do, but I always forget!
Colleen: I put the lotion in my shower next to my shower gel, so I remember to do it before I get out.

Skin problem #2: My complexion gets really dry.

Jenn: Even people with oily skin can have this issue in the winter.
Colleen: My derm told me dry indoor heating is actually a big part of the problem. Ive found that running a humidifier at night really helps. And switching to a richer formula of face moisturizer makes a huge difference.
Melanie: So if you use a gel, step it up to a lotion. And if you use a lotion, get a thicker cream.
Jenn: Most people dont think of this, but you should also switch to a creamy cleanser because theyre less drying than the high-foaming gel ones. I like Neutrogenas new cream cleanser. It takes off my makeup without making my skin feel tight and dry.

Skin problem #3: My skin is so sensitive in the winter.

Melanie: I can relate. As soon as the weather changes, my complexion becomes red and itchy.
Jenn: One derm told me when your skin is drier, the protective lipid barrier is compromised, and things that normally dont cause irritationlike pollutants in the air or the lanolin from a wool sweatercan cause sensitivity. Fragrances in products can also be irritating for some people. So he suggested switching to fragrance-free products in winter.
Melanie: I have a fragrance-free soap and moisturizer, but I like serums, and its hard to find one that doesnt have some sort of scent.
Colleen: Oh, the Olay serum that I like is actually fragrance-free. I put it on right before my moisturizer.

Skin problem #4: Winter makes my complexion dull.

Melanie: Remember we did that reader poll on and women said they felt the most unattractive in winter?
Colleen: Yes! Everyone said it was because their skin was more sallow and didnt look as glowyand wrinkles seemed more noticeable, too.
Melanie: It makes sense. Think about it: In the summer your skin is hydrated like a plump, juicy grape. But in the winter, when its dry, its like a dull, wrinkly raisin.
Jenn: I find that exfoliating more frequently definitely helps. You have to use something really gentle, though, not a harsh scrub or strong acid. I tried these RoC exfoliating pads. They cleanse your face and exfoliate in one step, and theyre gentle enough to use every day.

Skin problem #5: My hands get dry and chapped.

Jenn: Obviously, the weather does a number on your hands. But I think part of the problem is that we also wash them more in the winter, since no one wants to get sick.
Colleen: Thats so true. I wash my hands constantly! And some of the soaps in public bathrooms dry out your skin. I bring a travel bottle of a moisturizing antibacterial soapBath & Body Works makes good ones.
Jenn: You have to be careful about those antibacterial hand sanitizers, too. Some of them have alcohol, which can be drying.
Melanie: And dont forget to apply hand cream throughout the day. Clinique has a rich new one Im crazy about.
Jenn: I like that one, too. Its not greasy at alland its fragrance-free.

Skin problem #6: How can I fix my dry, flaky lips?

Colleen: The first step is prevention. I try to drink a lot of water, since chapped lips are actually a sign of dehydration.
Jenn: And definitely skip lip balms or plumpers that have menthol, which can dry out your lips. I also suggest using a lip balm that doesnt have a sweet flavor; those make you want to lick your lipsand that dries them out even more.
Melanie: I slather on lip balm every 20 minutes in the winter.
Colleen: That helps me, too. But it always seems to smear, and then I get these weird breakouts near my mouth.
Jenn: Oh, you need one that has wax, like beeswax. It adheres to your lips better and doesnt bleed onto the skin around your mouth. Elizabeth Ardens works for me.

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