How to get rid of migraines

Identify your migraine early. If your head aches on one side only with a dull pain, if you feel nauseated, if your face feels hot, and if light or sound bothers you, your headache may be a migraine. But you may not have all those symptoms, and you may have many others, such as visual disturbances, dizziness, and vomiting. Not every intense headache is a migraine. It`s important to identify what kind of headache you have, so you treat it properly. If you are sure it`s a migraine, try to get rid of the headache using any of the following steps.
In a classic migraine, you may experience an aura.

Swallow, with plenty of water and a bite of bland food, like a cracker, over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol, aspirin, or ibuprofen at the first sign of the migraine. Take only the recommended dosage. Taking medicine early, before the migraine gets bad, is essential in getting rid of a migraine. I`ve found it`s much harder to get rid of a migraine if it`s escalated to agonizingly painful.

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Peanuts and red wine are common trigger foods.

Take a ginger root capsule. See the bottle for the dosage. Ginger root helps with the nausea associated with a migraine, and may actually get rid of the migraine headache.

Drink a cup of black coffee. I don`t generally tolerate caffeine well, but when I have a migraine, the caffeine in black coffee helps the inflammation and eases the pain. Sometimes when I find myself on the road with no medicine or any other recourse, I stop for a cup of black coffee (cream and sugar just make me nauseated), and the coffee gets rid of the migraine.
Bacon, sausage, and preserved meat may be migraine triggers.

Take a hot bath without immersing your head to get rid of a migraine headache. Keep your hands in the bath and try to draw the blood away from your head, where the blood is flowing, expanding the blood vessels and causing the pain.
You may be sensitive to sound or light.

Rest in a quiet room, undisturbed, with an ice pack on the affected side of your face. Let the cold pack cover your face, head, neck, and shoulders--whatever throbs or feels tender or hot. Try to keep your upper body elevated, so resting on a reclining chair or a lot of pillows is a great idea. You may find that covering your eyes with a soft, cool, damp cloth helps soothe your headache.
Good night! Feel better soon.

Sleep if you can. Good luck, and I hope you get rid of your headache quickly.

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