How To: Get Luuux Dollars Fast!

4 years ago

I`m not gonna show you something like getting $5000 a day on Luuux, but I will show you a quicker way of getting Luuux.

If you are not the type of person who has hours to spend writing blogs or just wants to use this site to get free stuff, then this website isn`t really for you; I would recommend using Points2Shop, which I use on a daily basis. I`ve bought 3 things including an iPod Touch case, and I`ve only been on the site for about 3 days. On Points2Shop, you can literally buy anything you want from Amazon. To get points you just complete surveys, play games, watch sponsor videos, or just refer new users. If you want to join, just click on this link:, so please use it instead of the usual Luuux site. If you use it, you automatically get 50 extra points for using a referral, and so do I :D )

If your still interested in getting Luuux points, these are my top tips.

-Write something interesting.
You`ve probably heard this before, but if you write something about something that everyone already knows about, or has been in the news for a few days already, nobody will look.

-Ask your friends to join.
If you tell them about the advantages, they will surely join, which could rack up some extra points.

-Do about 2 or 3 good blogs a day.
It won`t take long, just an hour on blogs, and you could get around 100 points a day.

-Don`t log on every 2 minutes to see how many points you`ve got.
Seriously, this wastes your time and is frustrating. Check everyday, or if you can`t resist, every few hours.

-Comment On Posts
Comment on about 5 posts a day. Doesn`t take long, just find something interesting. I know the captchas are annoying as hell, but it`s worth it!

-Don`t Expect To Earn An LV bag In One Week
You really can`t. It takes time and effort to get something, so be patient, and try your best.

-Have Fun!
You will learn stuff once you explore the site, and find some cool, funny, and useful stuff! Don`t look at this site as a chore just to earn a camera, use it just like you use Facebook or Tumblr. You might even make a few online friends, which could make Luuux time more fun!

I hope this helped, and remember, if you want a site which you can get points and prizes fast use Points2Shop instead:

Thanks for reading :*

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