How to Get Longer Eyelashes

5 years ago

Eyelashes are a tiny row of hairs that line the upper and lower eyelids. The purpose of eyelashes is to protect the eye from debris and sweat and possibly scratching the cornea. In a woman`s world eyelashes are a cult item and long full eyelashes are something most women covet. You no longer have to struggle for perfect lashes as I will help you:

1. DO NOT CUT YOUR LASHES! The idea of cutting your eyelashes to grow longer ones is a myth. Your eyelashes grow from follicles in your eyelid and cutting them would just make them short and stubby. Although your eyelashes will continue to grow, it take forever.

2. Use olive oil. Take a drop of olive oil and rub it between your index and your thumb. Then rub the oil gently into your lashes and on your upper eyelid, just above the lashes. Olive oil is a great conditioner and when applied to upper lid it will stimulate lash growth.

3. Vaseline! Vaseline is an old method but a useful one. Using Vaseline on your eyelashes can make them seem to grow overnight! But don`t use this method religiously as mineral oil is only good for your hair and skin in small doses.

4. Use a cold cream! A cold cream like Jergens or Pods will moisturize your eyelashes and make the sprout like flowers!

Use these methods for sexy long and full lashes!


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