How To Get Fit Like The Victoria Secret Angels!

6 years ago

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If you look at the ever so popular beautiful Victoria Secret Angel Models, we all think, they must just not eat, starve themselves or be just lucky....Or maybe they strut their stuff down that cat walk, just sucking in their gut the whole time? Maybe they starve them self for a week before the show?? Totally wrong, the little Angels have a trainer....Justin Gelband trains the little angels on how to have the PERFECT BODY!

Justin does not design their barely their under garments he designs their bodies! He believes everyone is different and builds a different foundation for each angel separately. He finds out who they are and then develops a exercise routine from that!Each girl has her own specific type of workout. The movements and exercises may be somewhat similar in structure, but they are always geared specifically for each girl and their own needs.

Want to start getting that Angel body here are some of Justins tips:

1. Go lighter on the legs:Don`t bulk up those leg muscles, it will not create a slimming effect! Instead, his leg work-outs rely on balance to develop a more overall tone.

2.Personalize your diet: Gelband designs his diet plans along blood type guidelines. The idea behind it is that your blood type affects the way you digest and metabolize food.

3. Posture makes perfect: I think we all have problems with our posture, I know I do, its hard to sit up straight.. BUT when you do sit up straight you are helping your core..Core strength doesn`t just firm up your midsection, it dictates how you carry yourself. You can have a killer body that`s hidden behind a slouching posture. Gelband incorporates both balancing and ab-tightening Pilates routines to his regimen to improve overall posture.

4.The 3 best places to tone: Hips, inner thighs and stomach. You don`t need to perfect every muscle in your body, just the three biggies. Sculpting these areas are a shortcut to an overall appearance of rock-solid fitness.

A great inner thigh workout is the plank:

What are your tips to maintain a great healthy body? have you tried any of these?

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