How to Get Beautiful, Long Nails at Home

4 years ago

I`ve been biting my nails since as long as I can remember. They always looked horrible, and I was really ashamed of them but I could never kick the habit. I recently found Nutra Nail Growth Formula with Green Tea & Acai Berry at my local Walmart and decided to give it a try since it was about $4.50CDN.

This product is honestly AMAZING. My nails feel so hydrated, smooth and I saw results within a week. My nails were growing so long, strong and beautifully. Before they were incredibly short, very weak, they chipped all the time and couldn`t grow. NutraNail Growth Formula really has helped to improve my nail growth. I was very skeptical at first, thinking "applying some gel from a bottle won`t help", but I was so wrong.
You paint the gel on, it`s sort of thick but still runny. I apply one brushful to each nail (I split the 1 brush on both my little fingernails), and rub it in with your fingers. You can let it air dry, but I prefer to rub it into the nails. It feels slimy, but it rubs in fast and smooths out your cuticles too. You can also apply it over nail polish. It smells a little but the smell isn`t bad, it`s not a chemical smell. It doesn`t linger, so there`s no need to apply this hours before you leave the house.

You`re guaranteed to see results in 5 days or your money back, so there`s really no reason not to love this product.

My nails have gone from very short, weak, brittle and ugly to long, beautiful and really strong. I bought another bottle of the formula and apply it every day. There`s many other products available from Nutra Nail, but this is definitely my favourite.

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