How to Get Baby Soft Knees and Elbows

5 years ago

The Bursae are thin, slippery sacs that act as cushions between bones and soft tissues. This is the correct name for the skin on your knees and elbows, no wenises or waginas here!

One of the many reasons why your elbows and knees get so dry and cracked in the first place is the use of them. We humans use are elbows and knees for a lot of things: leaning on desks and tables supporting our sagging heads when bored, doing work on your knees ( in a non-sexual way). So with all this abuse it is only natural that that area would be rough and tough. Here are a few ways to combat that:

1. Instead of using a lotion on your knees and elbows maybe you should use a oil. An oil like rose hip oil is good for these areas as it rehydrates the skin, as we age our oil glands diminish in size and fail to give our skin the moisture it needs, oils will help with that lack of moisture.

2. STAY AWAY from harsh chemicals! You would never deliberately put parabens in your mouth so why would you put the on your skin?

3. Exfoliate. One of the reasons the skin is so dry is because there is dead skin covering the soft, supple skin. Using an exfoliant as simple as brown sugar will breath new life into your elbows and knees.

Follow these tips once a week and you will notice baby soft elbows and knees! :)


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