How to get Avril Lavigne`s full look (early 2003-2005 days.)

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Everything you need to know to get Avri Lavigne`s early days (2003-2005) rockin` look! Keep reading...!

Avril Lavigne is known for her super long and straight hair! To achieve Avril`s "2004" hairstyle let your hair grow long, just a little bit below your breast. Dye your hair blonde and some thin streaks of your bottom hair black. If you don`t want to damage your hair by dyeing them, you could keep your natural colour and add some extentions(blonde if your hair is black and black if your hair is blonde)!

As for the cut, keep it all in one length and just cut your bangs a little bit shorter. You could have the picture above as your guide or even show it to your hair dresser.

Don`t forget to straighten your hair! You could use a flat iron, or blow dry them. Just don`t forget to use a heat protection product before you straighten them, so that your hair won`t get damaged! Also, use a condition cream after you shampoo to achieve a more silky effect.

Avril rarely puts up her hair, sometimes, she pulls them up in a messy ponytail!

Around 2003-2004 Avril started to mix her clothing style with some more goth and dark elements, still keeping her rocker look. Try buying mostly black and dark colours. Wear a lot of black Dickies pants and capris, add a silver chain on the side and a belt with spikes. To break a little bit the "darkness" find some army pants, simple-cut pair of jeans or cargo pants. Now remember, Avril didn`t wear skinny jeans around that time, she went more for a "bell-bottom" shape of pants. But, that doesn`t mean you shouldn`t wear your favourite skinny jeans! Don`t be afraid to add your personal touch!

As for the top, any simple t-shirt would do! Once again, stay closer to the black and dark colours. Skateboarding brand t-shirts would be an excellent choice (just be sure to choose some simple "old school" t-shirts and not the more modern colourful patterns!), or simply any t-shirt with a logo or a smart print on! Also, wear a lot of simple, black/white/red tank tops!

For winter clothes wear a lot of skate brand-hoodies, simple black hoodied jackets with a zipper and some simple long-sleeved shirts! You could also wear some, black and white, black and pink or black with any other colour you like, sweater! Also, try on some army/cargo-style blazers! If you need to buy a new warm coat, go for a cargo/caribou/military/army jacket, with fur around the hood or maybe just a simple black or green army jacket!

As for shoes you could go for a classic Converse pair of shoes or you could try some "old school", chunky skate shoes! Try brands like Circa, DVS or Audio. Of you want a total Avril look, concider buying some classic Creepers (TUK). Anything black with a pop of colour is just fine!

Also, wear some striped scarves and gloves around winter time!

To finish off your look add some cool, rockin` details! Wear some black bracelets with studs or spikes and maybe a simple, black wristband. Avril, also, always wears a ton of black litle rubber bracelets! Don`t forget to paint your nails with a dark colour, but mostly black. Try wearing a simple, silver ring on your thumb or ring-finger!

Make up.
Avril Lavigne is also known for her extra-dark and edgy make up! She mostly likes to emphasize on her eyes and that`s why she keeps everything else kind of natural!

This will help you get the perfect "Avril" makeup, step by step!

1) Start by preping your skin. This mostly means cleaning and moisturizing your skin. Clean your face with a good face-wash. You could also use a little bit of rose water, just to freshen up your skin. Finally, use a light coat of moisturizer all over your face.

2) Take a very white and pale foundation and start applying it with a brush.

3) Choose a white, silver, gold, red or pink (any of that will do, but not all of them together of course!) eye shadow and apply it all over your lids. Just add a little bit on the inner corners of your eyes, too.

4) Now it`s time for the eyes. Take a soft black pencil and apply it carefully on both your upper and lower water lines. Don`t worry if it gets messy, we want that! Now, take a spongy eyeshadow brush (or just your finger) and start blending the edges, to give it a softer look. Continue smudging the eye pencil as far as you dare!

5) To finish off the eye make up, take a black eye shadow and start applying it with a brush on your lower water lines. That will set the eye pencil and stop it from running.

6) Now this is optional, but you could take a white and pale powder and apply a small amount on your face. This will give your skin a "porcelain doll" effect!

7) At last, let`s not forget about the lips. Avril likes to focus mainly on her eyes. You could choose a nude or orangy lip gloss. On rare occasions you could go for a darker colour, but still keeping the focus on your eyes. Purple or pink are both good, as long as the colours are not highly pigmented.


We all love Avril for her crazy, cool and fun personality! She always seems happy and as if she`s having a good time. Now, be careful: you shouldn`t change who you are completely! We do not recommend acting exactly like Avril! Be yourself, but just with a little bit of "avril" attitude!

Avril doesn`t really seem to care about what others think, that`s why she always does what she wants! She doesn`t really like to be told what to do and when she was younger she always got in trouble for stupid, little things, like drinking beer or sneaking out late at night. I am not saying you should disobey your parents or do dangerous things! Of course not! Just don`t be afraid to do things that you consider "out of your comfort zone".

Avril also used to skate around. What I mean by "skate around" is that she didn`t really knew any tricks or anything. If you don`t think that skating could be something serious for you, you shouldn`t spend so much money on it! Skateboarding is a really expensive sport! Just buy one at the supermarket, they may not be as good as the famous brand ones, but they do their job! You could, also, borrow one from a friend or relative! Just, don`t show off that you took up skating or else people will call you "fake" or a "poser" and they`ll be right! Try to find a quiet place, like an old primary school or a small parking lot near your neighboorhood and practice there by yourself or with a friend!

If sports are not your thing, you could try taking up the guitar! Again, if you think that you will stop playing the next week, don`t spent too much money on it. Just practice as much as you can! Try covering some of Avril`s songs! But, whatever you do, don`t be too show-y about it.

Finally, try being aggressive, but not in a rude way! Just don`t be afraid to speak your mind and make some noise! Be loud, but not annoying and obnoxious. Avril, sometimes is kinda shy around people she doesn`t know (like in interviews). But, when it comes to her friends she`s very fun and full of life! She likes to make a mess and to move around. She is very energetic, but seems laid back and cool, at the same time!

If you need even more help with getting the whole "Avril Lavigne look" you can go look at the photos and get ideas!

Also, this girl was a big help to me! Watch her videos to get more help! >>>

Thank you for reading!

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