How to get a wavy side braid Step by Step tutorial!

4 years ago

Diane Kruger was spotted pulling off this simple, everyday look, but she managed to do in such a elegant way it inspired me to try!

I love trying different hair-dos for school, work and anything else! SO i felt this would be a quick and easy one to do!

<strong> If you have finer, or thiner hair, I would separate your hair into one or two, even three at the most, bunches and plait them. In this look her wave are quite loose, but are noticeable. Do this the night before you sleep!</strong>

<strong> If you have thicker hair, I would separate it into four to six different parts (or more if needed) and plait them, tightly. Do this before you go to bed the night before wanting to wear this hair-do!</strong>

The next day you might want to leave ten minutes to make sure you perfect this, but even less time once you get the routine!

Now unravel the plaits, slowly so you don`t pull knots through your hair, you should have waves through out. Get a wide tooth comb and try and un-tangle any knots.

Now pull a part from both sides from your face forward, away from the rest of your hair, but not too much, just the amount you want! With the rest of the hair put it one side you are more comfortable with!

Now braid, or plait this, depends on what you call it, do it tightly!

Then loosen it up by pulling the outsides gently.

Finish by combing the outer waves, and lightly spraying with a light coat of any hairspray you like! I think this look is great with bigger or statement earrings!


Would you wear this?

<em> pictures are not mine, sourcelink below!</em>

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