How To Gain Weight Tips

4 years ago

Now only overweight people hate their weight, but have you ever thought about the skinny people? A lot of skinny people I know who eats a lot, but don`t gain one bit. And certainly the ones who are skinny to the bones. That isn`t cute! I`m sorry to say!

If you want to gain a few pounds read the following:

<strong> 1. VISIT THE DOCTOR: </strong>

Usually the doctor will give you a check up to see if there are any signs why you`re not gaining.

<strong>2. EAT CALORIE DENSE FOODS: </strong>

Nuts, dried fruits and avocados have high in calories and nutrients. Fast food, cakes, donuts also have in calories, but they can lead to heart disease, diabetes and serious illness.

<strong>3. EAT EVERY THREE HOURS:</strong>

If you`re one of those people who gets full fast? Eat at least every three hours. Snacks are reasonable. Egg whites, ground turkey & tuna sandwiches are a few suggestions.

<strong>4: DRINK YOUR CALORIES</strong>

Sounds crazy, but yes! Drinking in between meals ate a great way to gain weight. Nutrition drinks, energy milkshakes

<strong>5. ADD TOPPINGS TO ALL YOUR MEALS</strong>

Adding a lot of "healthy toppings" will help you gain weight. Milk products, cheese, nuts or healthy oils. Eating undress food is the problem of not gaining weight!

1. Are you satisfied with your weight?
2. What`s your weight goal?

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