How to Fix Damaged Nails

5 years ago

The nail, also known as the nail plate is the protective plate of the nail bed, that shields your underlying delicate tissues. Nails are important because without them, a lot more bacteria would be on our hands and could cause tissue infections or fungal infections.

So because nails are so important I have compiled a few tips on taking care of nails and fixing damaged ones:

1. Always moisturize your hands after you wash them. The skin, especially the hand skin is very tough and drying and although it is good to have water absorbed into your skin, you body already releases oils and water onto the surface of the skin, so too much water can be drying.

2. When filing your nails only file in one direction. Filing back and forth or using a "sawing motion" will thin crack your distal edge (the part that is not attached to the skin).

3. If you have a damaged distal edge that is peeling of broken, just cut it off. Damaged nails are like split ends, there`s no repairing them so don`t waste your time trying to.

4. To prevent brittle nails, use a nail hardener. When using the hardener, only use one coat and make sure to paint underneath your distal edge. Using more than one coat is useless because it will peel off and dry your nails.

-Following these tips religiously will insure beautiful and strong nails.

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