How to fix brocken dry hair without going bankrupt

SO, obviously the first importent thing to do is cut them a bit! just a trim, at least half an inch.. then you can start taking care of your hair... first of all, you keep in mind that they wont magically become soft and perfect in a week, its a long process and few things you must change. When washing your hair do not wash the tips, just the scalp.. your hair is not oily to the tip! Its when you condition that you have to make sure you put a lot all over your hair and leave it in!!

Then when you get out of your shower do not immediatly comb or brush your hair. why? when your hair is warm, even more when wet, your hair is extremely fragile.. if you comb and get knots you will litteraly stretch you hair and damage it. If you really feel like combing them to have them dry straight or easy and nice ( ex:you have cowlicks ) comb them the way you want WHEN you have conditioner in them!!

The rest is simple, brush them a lot, try not to iron too much.. when you do put protective spray!

OH LAST THING, changing shampooos is good for your hair! And dont use the ones with plenty of chemicals,, there are a lot of cheaper better products, plus, that are not tested on animals! Also try to dy your hair yourself with non-permanent stuff. Less damaging, less expensive, less regrets and you get to change it when you want after it fades!!

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