How to fight the frizzies!

If your hair is anything like mine, it`s frizzy and hard to control. Most of us girls aim for that soft, smooth frizz-free gorgeous hair we see in magazines. Although you might think it`s impossible to get it without styling, it`s not. First of all, make sure to always have clean hair. Wash it every other day with a nice shampoo and conditioner for frizzy or damaged hair. Make sure to buy a good leave in conditioner, and use this 3 times a week. I`ve found that rinsing with cold water reduces my frizz and leaves my hair shinier and softer! Also, once your hair is damp, apply a frizz serum. Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush and always remember to use a wide tooth comb when combing wet hair because other brushes and damage and break your hair. Once your hair is dry, apply a bit more of that frizz serum and any other hair products for soft silky hair you have. Also, diet is an important part of achieving beautiful hair. Eat lots of veggies and fruits and fish! It also helps make your skin glow. Bonus :) Thanks for reading and comment down below. I`d love to hear your opinions.
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