How To: Exfoliate Lips

5 years ago

Hey Everyone!
So since this is my first post on, I decided to do a post on tips on how to Exfoliate Your Lips!

1. Toothbrush and Vaseline; This one is quite popular, and a lot of people seem to know about it, but I decided to post it anyways. What you do, is you smear a coat of Vaseline on your lips, and then using the toothbrush, brush away any dead skin.

2. This is quite similar to number one, but you can just use your toothbrush. While you`re brushing your teeth or something, just lightly brush away any dead skin. Not too hard though!

3. The third and last way is to use sugar. Lick your lips, and then lightly pat sugar all over your lips. Then rub your lips together. This will get all the dead skin off. Then you can wipe off the sugar, or can you lick it off, haha.

Make sure you put on a coat of lip balm!


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