How to exercise without going to the gym!

4 years ago

Do not let the stress of work lay the ground for your health. Learn how to enough small changes in your life to lead a more balanced life.

After physical exercise the body releases endorphins, hormones responsible for feelings of well-being and joy. No wonder, then, that many people in vitiating exercise. Without falling into exaggeration, join a gym. If not, at least do everything possible to move. Walk, bike or do gardening, for example. Do not forget: the continued practice of physical exercise will serve to improve body and spirit.
1. It has been proven: exercise is good for everything! Helps to combat stress, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, increases the functionality of the muscular system and joints, prevents premature aging and improve the image and self esteem. Not to mention another very important aspect: the sports team you can make new friends or improving existing relationships, living through sports. It is no coincidence that many friends or business colleagues gather on weekends to play soccer or running.

But do not aim to make great efforts without consulting a doctor and get a check-up - required by law when the exercise is done in the sporting arena. Take into account your age and physical condition in order to choose the best exercise for you.

2. If you do not have time or money to enroll in a gym to walk on foot. The ideal is to walk at a moderate pace, which allows you to talk while walking. Two in one: put a chat and improve their health. 30 minutes a day is enough to feel better and just get off the bus one or two stops before the usual or park the car a little farther for the daily quota of walking.

3. In the case of women, and as a means of preventing osteoporosis, it is advisable to localized gymnastics, weightlifting and running, since the bones respond to mechanical stimuli - impact.

4. Drink water before, during and after physical exercise. If the air temperature or humidity is high, the water replacement in the body is even more important. Do not forget that 70% of our bodyweight is water and a healthy body depends on its presence in adequate amounts.

5. Set your own goals and, as soon as the inability to meet, try to overcome them. But be realistic. If you train too hard, making exercise a sacrifice, may be inclined to give up easily. If you feel dizzy or breathless, stop. If you can not make a complete lesson, 15 or 20 minutes it`s better than nothing. As for getting achieve its objectives to offer a gift to itself: go to the movies, buy a piece of clothing, in short, what you can and you feel like it right now.

6. Do not get excuses for missing classes. Plan your workouts as if they were pressing engagements. A good help is getting a training partner or personal trainer. Thus, even for shame to miss, will eventually go to school.

7. Try to vary the type of exercise that practice. So you can work the different parts of the body and going to the gym will not be as tiring and monotonous. Unless it makes you happy to be spending every day in the pool.

8. GirĂ­ssimos saw some tennis on Monday and on top of cheap? First drive: buy! Do not do it. Better buy less often, good equipment. For example, a tennis court that is not suitable for running will not, at your feet the proper support, damaging all the joints of the feet and legs.
Not to forget

. Walk or bike for short distances.

. Pretend the elevator is broken and up the stairs.

. When you leave the gym feels a new woman, well-prepared and refreshed? Great! But do not go there every day. Train on alternate days to give proper rest to the muscles.

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