How To Eat Well When Camping!

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When you go camping, you lose a lot of luxuries - namely electricity and hot water. Here, I`ll show you how you can still eat well without needing either of those things!

The Food
Potatoes - These are a fail-proof food to make while camping. You can sometimes even buy them already wrapped in foil!
Chicken - Eating meat while camping is important to keeping your body full of vital nutrients and protein and chicken is the easiest to transport and keep from spoiling.
Vegetables - Cooking veggies is easy to do while camping and it`s good for you, too!
Popcorn - Another easy food to make over the fire that makes for a great snack to bring hiking :)


1. Light The Fire
If you`re cooking, you need fire! I happened to be in a cabin that had a wood-burning fireplace with a flat cooking surface on it (it`s really all you need in life, lol - see picture 2!). You need to get your fire going and steady at a temperature hot enough to safely cook meat.

2. Prepare Your Food
Whatever you decide to make, it`s best to prepare your food while the fire is getting started and heating up. This means cutting up meat, rinsing veggies with a clean water supply, preparing food in tin foil, and adding seasoning if desired. That way, when your fire is ready, your food is already good to go!

3. Cook In Order
When your fire is ready, begin cooking the food that takes the longest. In my case, it was the potatoes. They were wrapped and put on top of the stove before anything else because they required the most time to cook. After, I added the veggies and chicken in a pan.

4. Cook Thoroughly
There`s no microwave or oven to use when camping, so when doing so on a fire, it`s incredibly important to make sure you cook your food thoroughly. Food poisoning is the last thing you want when you`re on a back mountain tens of miles from any form of civilization. If that means your food ends up a little overdone, it`s better to be safe than sorry (particularly with meat!).

5. Use Dishes Minimally
Because there is no running water, that means there are few resources to clean dishes with. So use dishes sparingly! The best thing to do is re-use dishes. If you cooked in a pot or pan, double it as your plate/bowl when it cools. You`ll be thankful you did when it comes time to clean!

6. Eat and Enjoy!
There`s something about camping and cooking food on a fire that makes you enjoy it even more than if you had cooked it at home. It`s a bit more primal to cook outdoors and/or with limited resources and so, in a way, you`re almost more proud of your ability to do so. Take pride in your camping cooking skills! :)

7. Always Follow-Up With A Fire Snack
Camping isn`t complete without making a yummy snack on a fire. In my case, I ended up making popcorn. All you need to do is place the kernels (covered) over the fire and let them heat up! (See pictures 3 and 4) I also recommend s`mores, banana boats, and moon pies. Yum!

So when it comes to camping, it`s still entirely possible to make delicious food without electricity or running water. You just have to be creative and resourceful!

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