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5 years ago

A few months ago I did a on and I used old Bath & Body Works candle jars that I cleaned out and re-used. Well since I have a few candles that I have to clean out I thought why not and do a post on how to easily clean out your old candle jars. I particularly use Bath & Body Works Slatkin & Co. candles so when the candle wick is fully burned out there is still a good amount of wax in jar. If you are lucky enough to clean out the wax while its still melted then thats an easy way but for some where the wax has already hardened here is an easy way to remove it and this is how I do it. A simple way to clean it out is by putting the candle in the freezer. Leave it in for a few hours or overnight thats what I do. The next day or after a few hours depending on how long you leave it in the freezer


the glass will crack that way. Instead you just take any sharp object and basically stab it. The frozen wax will crack into several large chunks. Or if youre lucky enough like how I was today all of the frozen wax including the metal part that holds the wick will remove all in one piece. By the time you are already done removing the wax thats when you can add warm or hot water with dish wash soap to the jar to remove the small leftover pieces that stuck to the jar. After removing the wax I like to then add some dish wash soap to the jar and then fill it up with hot water. Then I let it sit for a while or until the hot water is cool enough for you to wash out. The hot soapy water should do the trick when removing the little bits of wax leftover as well as loosening up the glue from the metal part that holds the wick to the jar. I then take a pair of pliers to remove the metal part that holds the wick; it should be east to remove and also the glue underneath it. After that I like to wash and scrub it with a sponge, hot/warm water and soap again and at this point you can also remove the labels and it should be able to come off easily. And thats how I clean out my candle jars! Its really easy and since Im always burning candles Ive gotten so use to cleaning these jars out. So now you have a clean empty glass jar and you can use it for whatever. I have several of these jars around my house and Ive used them for multiple purposes like - displaying nail polishes, q-tip/cotton ball container, vase for flowers, I also even used them for Christmas and just added some small ornaments in them for display. The possibilities are seriously endless when it comes to re-using the jar!

Do you re-use your candle jars?

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