Okay, this is what you have to do to earn more LUUX points:
Creating Posts = 7 luuux
Commenting = 1 luuux
Invites = 2 luuux each
Rating = 1 luuux
Every friend you invite that joins= 10 luuux
And if you have a twitter or facebook, sharelinking gives you 2 luuux per post!
Shoplinks= 4 luuux per post

So that`s the basic stuff you know, but here`s extra tips that people seem to miss!
It`s tough at first, but you get tons as you go along. First off you can comment and like other peoples posts, and write your own. When you write your own posts, make sure they`re well written and stand out. Don`t do something that everybody else has already done. Make your topic interesting and you will get likes and comments therefore getting you more points. As time goes by, you will get followers as well, which will always check out your posts an soon as you put them up. There are also awards such as post of the day, week and month which can get you up to 750 points!

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