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3 years ago

It`s all about catching the eye of your readers! Getting your post to stand out from the crowd is the way forward when it comes to earning Luuux$. Here are a couple of pointers on how to write good posts that get noticed:

First of all, choose a good and descriptive title - make it short, clear and catchy, so people get curious!

A picture says more than a thousand words: choose one that fits with what you`re writing about and which is in good quality. You can even try uploading a video, or a whole series of pictures.

It it aint broke, dont fix it! If you get a high number of LuuuxFlux on one of your posts, try to think about what you did right - maybe you shared it on stumbleupon rather than facebook, maybe the title was super catchy or the picture was just right. Whatever it was, if you can figure it out and do it again, youre golden!

Always remember to include a source link if youre using text or pictures that you dont own. Google and pinterest dont count - you need to use the url of the page the image originally came from.

Try reading our advice on what makes a good post in each Universe:

And last, but not least: share your posts! This is the best way to get them seen and so the best way for you to earn lots of Luuux$.

Good luck, and happy Luuuxing!

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