How to dress for a swiming party

I consider myself to be a stylish person, however, every time I have somewhere to go, Im extremely indecisive as to what ensemble Im going to create therefore, spending HOURS in and out of three closets (one for shoes, one for bottoms and one for tops) and its a terrible situation because I never leave my bathroom tidy!

On this particular day, my hubby and I were invited to a swimming slash bbq party and for Jeremy, its jeans, tshirt, converse, out the door! But for me it goes a bit scrambled like this-

Romper? Dress? Jeans or hotWhat kind of shoes? Heels or sandals? Open or closed toehmmm didnt think stockingsnookay romper!

Im an unorganized mess I need order!

I never really know the look Im going for in particular..which is probably one of the main reasons it takes me forever to get ready.But anyway, Ive digressed, if you were to ask me for advice as to what you should where to a particular somewhere I would be just as clueless, although if Im extremely stuck, Ill stick with basics, but never underdressyou can never really go wrong with something such as little black dress, however, you dont want to opt for a black tee with blue jeans to youre boyfriends mothers soiree! You never want to feel as if you didnt put enough effort into your look, it just sends off the message that you dont really care, and that my girl is a no no :)

With this ensemble, I really wanted to wear this particular denim romper, it looks frumpy on the hanger, but once I tried it on it fit well and was really playful, I just needed to spice it up a bit. I wore a leopard print H&M bathing suit top as a bit of a peek-a-boo, a F21 black and rusted gold accented belt and threw on some gold t-strap Anne Klein sport sandals..oh, and to complete the look, I wore ripped black translucent stockings to give this look a bit of an edge. Overall, I thought, it was a playful, fun, edgy look..and then BAM! Thats how Ill know how to dress for a certain occasion from now on. Ill associate the occasion with an adjective. For an example, when you think wedding you may think pretty, lace, frilly, so Id where maybe a flower printed, beige laced skirt, with a tucked in pastel pink silk blousepretty and laced :)

Well, this may not work well for you, Ive actually tried to associate this technique in my getting ready routine and it works! Most people, including myself, dress according to theyre mood and the weather. But Ive kind of discovered that dressing based on how I feel may have me ending up underdressed and appearing to be a hot mess because maybe I was in a bad mood or whatever. But in this technique I just discussed, youre mindset isnt biased and youll dress and look accordingly and appropriately in youre own unique stylish way :)

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