How To Do An Ollie: Simple Skateboarding

4 years ago

This is the first fundamental skill all budding skaters must learn. All skate tricks are built up from this basic trick which is really simple to master after some practising. But of course, you will actually have to know how to at least get yourself moving on the board before you do this trick, or you will find it tricky!
1. First, step on the board while its either still or moving. Place your back foot on top of the bolts on one end of the board and your front foot just a bit away from the bolts (basically in the middle of the board)
2. While you are about to jump, push the end of the board down with your back foot and jump, sliding your front foot up the board.
3. Once you are up in the air, bend your knees so your landing will be stable are you don`t injure yourself.
I hope this has helped :)

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