How to do a pull up for Newbies

4 years ago

To perform the Pull up, you may need a chair for this if you cannot do one pull up. Anyways, you have got the chair, put it under the pull up Bar, grab the bar with both hands with your feet on the chair. Do whatever grip you prefer, usually palms facing foward is the easiest way to perform a pull up. dangle your legs down and try your hardest to pull yourself up, if its getting difficult put your foot on the chair and push yourself up with your leg, Keep doing this everyday, even if its just one, after a while you will start to get use to the movement and you will be a lot more confident in yourself. When you think your ready, take away the chair and try your first pull up. If you still are finding this difficult you could try to attend a gym and look for an assisted pull up bar. this is the same concept as the foot on the chair except its your knees on a raised surface which is supported by hydraulics. Good luck i hope this helps.

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