How to do a proper Pushup

4 years ago

Pushups are a great form of resistance training as it hits your biceps, triceps and abs.

Not only do you tone your arms but you`ll also be sculpting your abs too, which is a bonus. But only if you do it properly.

I noticed this especially with females. Sorry ladies =( At the end of every fitness class, we go through a routine of pushups and crunches. I notice that most females doing pushups actually do it incorrectly whether its on their knees for the full pushup.

In this post, I`ll talk about how to do a proper full pushup.

The one thing I notice is that the butt is stuck high in the air. This is not the proper form. It actually puts strain on your back and shoulders. A lot of people are tempted to do this its easier but it actually hurts you in the long run.

1. Start by being in a high plank position. Hands shoulder width part.

2. Make sure to tuck your butt straight. You can do this by constricting your glutes. This will automatically pull your butt down.

3. You should feel it a slight tug/pressure on your abs when you first start out. That`s because plank is ab work.

4. When you push down, make sure your body is linear and that your butt remains down.

You can go as low as you want, as long as you`re comfortable.

Just make sure you get the proper form right to avoid injury to your back and shoulders. Having proper form also ensures that you get maximum results for your routine.

Hope that helps!

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