How To Do A Newsprint Manicure

5 years ago

Picture 1 Supplies You will need:
- 10 pieces of newspaper, cut into small strips large enough to cover your entire nail
- Rubbing alcohol
- Shot glass or other small vessel
- Nail polish of your choice, preferably something light like white or silver
- Top coat

Picture2:Paint Your Nails Using a base coat if desired, paint your nails with one or two coats of polish depending on the look youre going for. Wait for them to dry completely before moving on to the next step. No tackiness allowed!

Picture 3: Cover Nail with Alcohol Pour some of the rubbing alcohol into the shot glass, and make sure there is enough to fully cover your fingertip. Submerge your nail into the alcohol for about two seconds.

Picture 4: Apply the Newspaper Immediately after removing your finger from the shot glass, place a piece of newspaper on your alcohol-soaked nail. Wait 30 seconds and gently peel away the paper. Wait five minutes or so for the printing to dry.

Picture 5:Apply Top Coat & Admire Once the newsprint has dried, apply a top coat and voila! You have funky cool newsprint nails.

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