How to do a cute bow

you will need :
needle and thread
fabric glue
small piece of ribbon or trim

how to do it :)

1. Gather your materials.
2. Cut fabric into two squares, anywhere from 4-7 inches, depending on how large you want your bow.
3. Start with your first square, fold into a triangle
4. Turn over and repeat the fold, resulting in a smaller triangle

5. Take left corner, fold in a tiny bit to hide the point

6. then fold it to center line.
7. Pinch into the middle and stitch securely, catching all the layers.
8. Repeat on the right side, creating a cute leaf shape. Create another leaf by repeated steps 2-8 with the other square.

9. Put leaves face to face (pleated side together), and sew the top together with a few whip stitches. This will be covered with ribbon so dont worry about making pretty stitches.
10. Open up, and marvel at your cute bow shape!
11. Cover mechanics by gluing a strip of ribbon.

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