How To: DIY French Manicure. *pic heavy*

5 years ago

Hey everyone! I did my nails just now and I wanted to share with you all how easy it is to do a french manicure at home. Of course it`s not going to last 2 weeks like the salon, but it saves you money and it looks good! I know a lot of men prefer this type of nail look compared some crazy ones (ex. my keroppi nails) so this is great for anyone! I have super short nails so it doesn`t look as `elegant` in my opinion but I love how clean and fresh my nails look. I`m one of those people who love to stare at my nails, LOL! Anyways, it`s super easy and I posted a step by step picture tutorial for anyone who wants to DIY it! I must say that this does take practice to look nice without any messy clean up. So be patient!

1st picture - I applied two THIN coats of Love Letters (gives your nail bed a nice flush of color)

2nd picture - I used my nail art paint from Wal-Mart to draw my tip. You can start anywhere you`d like but I prefer to start on one edge. I stop half way and then bounce back over to the other edge and connect the two lines. Then, I fill it in. (pretty easy right?) I take a little longer on my left hand (because I`m left handed) but the trick is to go slow and not pick up too much polish.

3rd picture - After it`s dried, I put on a thin coat of Seche Vite (it has a super nice shine kind of like the top coat salons use). Make sure to get the top coat all over your nails and on the edges so it will last longer. If you want it extra shiny, add another layer of top coat.

4th picture - This step is optional but I like to use cuticle oil after I do any kind of painting on my nails. The acetone/nail polish remover can make your cuticle/nail beds very dry. And dry cuticles are NOT cute. lol Anyways, a lot of salons use cuticle oil as well and it`s a nice finishing touch to the DIY home manicure. Plus the oil doesn`t make your hands feel oily at all, it soaks into your skin within 2 minutes or so.

*note: Your manicure will last longer if you dry your nail with a bit of acetone to get rid any oils. That will prevent it from `peeling` on the tips and such.

Let me know what you think! I love rocking french tips. In the summer, I usually do different colors of tips just to put a little more personality into the plain manicure. Do you like french tips? Of course this isn`t super BAM! with the acrylics and plastic tips, but this is a nice `natural` approach. lol

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