How to Detect FAKE IPHONES!

4 years ago

Unfortunately, in the world that we live today, there are always good and bad things. Today, we have good brands like: Apple, Toshiba, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutins and many other. Well, in those brands we have people who really work a lot to make the things possible and create new things, like mobile phones, computer, tv... And there are always another people who make the same and just imitate them and produce fake things. I personaly HATE HATE fake things, it`s something that it`s completely bad for me. So, I already saw a fake Iphone and I want to share with you how I detect that it was completely fake.
<strong>The size: </strong>when I saw that mobile phone for the first time, I imediately think that something was completely wrong. The size was not the same with a real iphone!
<strong>Thickness:</strong> the tickness in that iphone was completely out of commom and it was too much thickness to be a real iphone.
<strong> The weight:</strong> I have a lot of true iphones in my hands so, I understand that the fake iphone was too much weightless to be true.
<strong>The quality of the design:</strong>we all know that the iphone has a super delicate design and the iphone that i saw, it looked like plastic! (it`s horrible!)
<strong> The quality of the screen:</strong> the screen had no quality and the images are really really bad!
<strong>The icons of the aplications:</strong>they was too much big and looks so fake and disproportionate!
Of course, not to mention, the bad quality of the applications, it didn`t have apple store (of course, it was fake!), it didn`t have safari and many other things that is completely basic in a true iphone... The keyboard was weird, the internet, everything completely FAKE!
So, I my advice is to make sure that when you`re going to buy your iphone is to check if the shop is good and please, do not buy fake things, you are not paying the people who worked a lot to make that and you`re giving your money for something fake and unusual!

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