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2 years ago

I`m lucky that I get to have quite a lot of free reign over the design of my office. I did a previous post a few weeks ago about designing my desk and I`m always on the lookout for some cool things to do and add. One way I`ve recently spruced up my office (it`s more of a whole room, lol), is add a Scentsy warmer. It`s so cute so it not only serves as a scent-maker, but also as a decoration!

The first thing to do when picking out a warmer like this is to make sure it `flows` with the surroundings it`ll be in. I picked this birdcage one because it`s dainty and cute and fits in well with the rest of the decor in my office/room. I have it placed on a table next to my desk :)

The warmer itself that I have glows because it`s white, but not all warmers do this (I also have a black one at home where you can only see the light through the peepholes). It adds a nice ambiance to the room overall, though, and has a nice calming effect this way. Take this into account when picking yours out!

Scent warmers are amazing at making a whole room smell. I currently have black cherry wax melted in my warmer, but I like to switch it out every so often. The key is to pick a scent that works well with the space you`re using. A masculine scent might not be the greatest in, say, kitchen, and a strong citrus scent might not be too great for a small office space. Scents can really affect mood, and I find that my scent warmer *looks* calming and *smells* calming - perfect for my job!

Scent warmers are great for using for decoration AND adding a nice `air freshener` to an area, too. You can get them from a bunch of different places online and in stores like Walmart and Target. They`re fairly inexpensive and a nice investment. I know I love mine! :)

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