How To Cut Up A Watermelon!

2 years ago

Many fruits can be difficult to cut up efficiently and effectively. It either takes forever to cut up or else you may risk losing a lot of the `meat` of the fruit while doing so. While cutting up some watermelon the other day for a fruit salad, though, I decided to try a new method which worked really well! It maximized the amount of `meat` I was able to get while minimizing the time it took.


1. Slice Watermelon Downward
If you buy a whole watermelon, cut it into quarters first. I bought mine already cut up into quarters (it was actually cheaper than buying a whole one - cool!). Then, just cut it downward like you`re slicing a loaf of bread.

2. Slice Across Top
Right where the `corner` or top of the watermelon is, slice down along the entire length, essentially cutting the watermelon in half.

3. Cut Along Bottom
This is the tricky part, because this is where you separate the meat of the fruit from the outside `skin.` Drag your knife along the bottom of the fruit, as close to the green as possible. Make sure the watermelon meat stays put, though! (See second picture)

4. Create Middle Slices Through The Fruit
This is where it all comes together. Your fruit is already detached and ready to fall off, but the slices are still too big. So before you slide the fruit out of the shell, create two slices right through the middle. As you slice, smaller, cubed pieces of watermelon will now start to beak free (see third picture).

5. Slide the Fruit Off!
You`ve now cut your watermelon into cubed pieces, so all you have to do is slide it all off! Just tip the watermelon over a bowl to catch all the free fruit. If there`s any extra `meat` that you didn`t quite get, you can cut it out.

This is a super simple way to slice up a watermelon for fruit salad, for ice cubes (frozen watermelon makes great ice cubes!), or to just snack on. The pieces are nicely sized and cubed so you`re good to go! No more cutting up individual slices - this gets it all done at once! :)

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