How to Cure an Earring Infection

5 years ago

For those that wear earrings, it is pretty common to every once in awhile put an earring in that causes some pain or an infection. It is usually caused by poking the earring in the wrong way or because of rusty or deteriorating cheap earring posts. In my case, I put a pair of earrings in and it went in wrong. When I tried to put it back in, it hurt. I`ve figured out how to heal my earring hole pretty quickly. I didn`t wear earrings for the rest of the day after the incident. Then next morning I tried to put an earring in to see if it was really infected or better from the day before. It still hurt when I touched it, and was a little crusty (eww, I know!) so I knew it was infected.

So, here is what you do to fix the problem. Take a cotton pad and soak it in alcohol, then squeezed it on the front and back of the earlobe at the same time. This will help the alcohol get squeezed into the earring hole opening. The alcohol will kill any infections/germs. Then after the alcohol dries, take a clean earring post and applied Neosporin to it. You have to be brave because it isn`t fun to poke an earring into an infection, but doing this will really get the antibiotic properties of Neosporin into your earring hole opening. After you are sure some got in there, just leave it alone for the rest of the day. The next morning, you should already feel a lot better! Keep doing this once a day until it is completely healed, which should be only 1-2 days but really depends on how bad the infection is and how quickly you get to it.

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