How to Cure a Cough with Chinese Medicine

4 years ago

I have been coughing up a storm the last two weeks and I love using Eastern/Chinese medicine. Why? Simply because Eastern medicine does not have any side effects on me such as drowsiness, which is my biggest concern with American medicine such as Tylenol and TheraCare Coughing Syrup. I always get sleepy and tired throughout the day when I take Tylenol, Advil, Theracare or most American medications which messes up my sleeping schedule and makes me even more tired.

So I guess my mom finally got tired of my coughing and brought me some Chinese pills - both pictured above. You take each 3 times per day. You can get them at any Chinese herbal/medicine store. After taking these pills, I noticed my coughing stopped and I didn`t have that annoying sore throat and feeling where you need cough every 5 minutes because something is stuck in your throat.

Other ways to help stop a cough:
1) Stop eating spicy foods.
2) Drink hot/warm water with lemon and honey.

Hope this helps at least one of you!

*Pictures are mine.
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