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I found this beautiful hairstyle and I had to find out how to do it! It is just 10 easy steps, but you are going to need some patience. I absolutely adore this look, you can completely transform an outfit with this hairstyle. I linked the website where I found it from and it has the steps, but for efficiency I am just going to copy it into this post :) I will link it below though! Also the steps follow the pictures!


1. Part hair down middle. Secure one side of the hair with a clip or elastic so it doesnt get mixed in with the other side.

2. Grab a section of hair at the nape of the neck. Split into three.

3. Start to do an INSIDE-OUT French braid (instead of crossing sections over each other, cross under).

4+5. Continue braiding inside-out, wrapping around the side of the head.

6. Youll cross the forehead and finish the braid. Secure with a hair tie. Let braid hang whilst you braid the second side.

7. Grab a section of hair at the top of the head and split into three.

8. Start to do an INSIDE-OUT French braid down the side of the head. Finish the braid and secure with an elastic.

9. Take braid and wrap around the back of the head.

10. Secure with Bobbi pins. Tuck and hide small tail under the other braid. Grab the braid resting on the forehead and secure with Bobbi pins. Tuck tail under other braid.

I hope you guys try it out!

Amnee Barakat


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