How To Create a Baby Shower Gift!

3 years ago

My friend is having a surprise baby shower tomorrow and I just put the finishing touches on her gift and the food I`m bringing. I decided I would share how I designed my baby shower gift. It`s cute and cost-effective!

The Items
This goes without saying, but buy what the mom-to-be needs/wants. I tend to stick more with the `need` items, like diapers and wipes, because the parents will always have to have them. My Mom always told me that she was thankful to have been given lots of diapers and useable supplies rather than clothes and toys, so I try to remember that when picking out shower gifts. I also picked up a teething ring as well. (Refer to picture number 2 for everything!)
One other thing I always do for a shower is buy the mom-to-be a little something for herself, too. In this case, I bought her some shower gel and a candle for her to enjoy.
I of course also picked up a pink bag (it`s a girl!) to put everything in :)

Making The Gift

1. Design The Bag
I love wrapping paper, I love bows, I love packaging... but it eventually is all just trash. And I hate spending $5 on a gift bag that`s going to end up in a plastic one anyway. So for this particular shower, I decided to buy a simple $1 pink bag and design it myself. I wrote `BABY` on it with a silver sharpie and put some little designs on it. It feels much more unique and thoughtful! (Refer to pic 3)

2. Designing The `Mom Gift`
I always throw in a little something for mom since most gifts are for baby. I picked up a little pink paper bag, designed it with mom`s name on it, and put her gifts (shower gel and a candle) inside. I also put some reused tissue paper in the bag (Victoria`s Secret tissue paper is great to keep around!!). (Refer to pic 4)

3. Putting it All Together
Once the bags are designed and have their tissue paper, it`s time to put everything together! I put the biggest item in first (diapers) and then mom`s gift, and then the smaller gifts (baby wipes and teething ring). (Refer to pic 5)

4. Finishing Touches
I placed a card for mom and dad in the bag (it`s actually a coed shower, so the father will be there too!) and then tied off the bag with a sparkly silver ribbon. (Refer to first pic.) At showers, you always make the crazy hat with the bows and ribbons, so I figured I would add one for aesthetics as well as functionality.

All in all, it doesn`t take much to create a wonderful baby shower gift if you get a little creative and crafty! It`s great to have some personal touches and to include something for the mother, too. I`m definitely excited for the shower now! :)

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