How to contour and highlight your face.

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Many women underestimate the importance and end results of contorting and often leave out this step from their make-up routines. However I bet if more women knew that contouring helps disguise your least favorite features and can also make you appear slimmer and healthier then this wouldn`t be the case!
Contouring is basically the act of using dark or light colors to recede features or make them more prominent. Contouring adds definition and depth to the face and can also be used on other parts of your body such as your abdomen and legs, however today we will be concentrating on the face , the same principles and methods can be used for other parts of your body too.
So let`s get started! -:

You will need-:
-A matte bronzer or contouring powder which is 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. (Mac do some brilliant ones and I also highly recommended sleek`s contouring palette for a cheaper alternative.
-A highlighting powder, usually a pale shimmery color. (If you buy the sleek contouring palette you also get a highlighter with it!)
-A contouring brush.

So firstly here are my tips for contouring-:
1) Begin by feeling the hollows of your face, this will be where you do your contouring. Apply your chosen contour powder directly under your cheekbone, from just below your ear in a downward motion. If you find the brush you are using is either too large or too fluffy then pinch bristles to give you more control.
2) To contour your nose using a small eyeshadow brush, apply the product along the sides of your nose. If you feel your nose is lengthier than you`d like then applying a small amount of product on the tip can make your nose appear smaller in length. Make sure to blend!!
3) Apply the product just below your jawbone but not on the actual bone, the idea is to create a shadow just below your jaw.
4) If you wish to make your face appear slimmer make sure to blend the contouring powder on the sides of your temples into your hairline.

Once you have finished contouring, it is important to highlight!
Where to highlight-:
Under your eyes, tops of your cheekbones, center of nose, brow bone, center of forehead and cupid bow if desired.

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