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4 years ago

Hello my beauties!!
I thought I would start posting some helpful hint sort of posts about the basics of make up and beauty!
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So lets get started!!

What is contouring?
It is when you apply a darker colour to the places on your face to create more depth and shadow. You can couple this with highlighting to help sculpt and shape your face.

So first off have you always wanted beautifully chiseled cheek bones?
Well now is your chance and if you follow through with these next few simple steps with me it will help you to create amazing cheekbones in no time at all!!

1) Take your chosen bronzer (make sure it is matte) and a brush ( I like using an angled blush/contour brush). Take a small amount of bronzer on your brush, tapping off the excess.

2) Make a fishy face and this will show you where your cheek bones are. Begin applying brozer to the hollows created, starting right at the hairline and working downwards towards the mouth (but not right to the mouth). Try to apply this parallel to the jaw line for the most even look and lightly as you can always build it up!!

3) Blend this up onto your temples and the sides of your forehead.

4) Blend this under your chin as well to help chisel your jaw line (make sure to blend this lightly down your neck)

5) Now you can use a flat top brush to go over any areas that you think need a little extra blending to remove any harsh lines.

6) Using a fluffy blending brush take some bronzer on it and run this lightly down each side of your nose and under it, blending out very well to give the illusion of a slimmer nose.

6) VOLIA! Finished product! Finely contoured and chiseled cheek bones, jaw line and nose!!

Thank you all for reading this, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down bellow! If you want anymore detail I can make a video on this too?

Let me know :)

Hope you have an awesome rest of your day/evening!

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