How to Clean Your Uggs

I love my Uggs and I wear them throughout the winter months. But the harsh winter cold puts wear and tear on my Uggs. Through the rainy days and the bone chilling mornings, my Uggs have been good to me. So to prolong the life of my Uggs, I clean them once a month. Plus, cleaning Uggs can will help them keep their shape, and it won`t look like you have potato sacks around your ankles; the way many Uggs look like after years of wear and tear.

For a General Cleaning:
1. BRUSH: Brush your ugg boots with a stiff brush to remove surface grime and dirt. If you dont do this you will only end up washing the dirt and grime into the leather

2. SCRUB: With a damp cloth gently scrub the entire boot. The aim is to use the minimum amount of water. Too much water and your ugg boots will stretch and lose their shape.

3. STUFF: Stuff socks or newspapers inside your boots until the shape appears normal. We dont want your boots to sag which is much more likely when the boots are damp.

4. DRY: Sit the boot in a dry cool place for 24-48hrs. Do not wear the boots again until they are completely dry or they will stretch. Why cant you dry ugg boots in the sun or a dry? The heat will cause the boots to wrinkle and stretch, the leathers will be damaged. Ugg boots are super warm but the leathers are quite soft so a little bit of care will go a long way.

The source link will take you to a site has a ton of other Ugg cleaning tips that I love and have proven to be very useful to me. It will also show you how to tackle stubborn stains like blood, glue, grease, mud, etc. Take care of your Uggs!

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