How to clean your Louis Vuitton

4 years ago

Louis Vuittons are quite expensive as is already. If you clean them improperly, you run the risk of ruining the bag. I learned this the hard way with I tried to clean my LV Damier Azur Totally with Tide to Go. There is now a permanent mark on it. =(

For the Monogram canvas and Idylle varieties, it`s best to use baby wipes.

The baby wipes are made of strong material so you don`t get the fuzzy white residue you get from using paper towels or tissue paper.

The wipes themselves do not react to the material, especially the canvas. Canvas, in particular, reacts to a lot of cleaning agents. Currently, baby wipes are the most gentle ones for it.

Just rub it softly in one direction over any stains or marks and after a few strokes, the bag is clean.

For leather, as it oxidizes into the brownish-red color, use a slightly damp towel and slowly rub the entire leather and not just one part. Then wipe it dry and air it out a bit.

Baby wipes are only $2 for a huge box at Dollarama. It beats having to go back to Louis Vuitton and getting them to clean your bag for $100. It`s just not worth it unless its something major.

Hope that helps.

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