How to clean the computer

The especialists says that we must clean the mouse and keyboard of our computer every three months. The task is boring, but necessary. Research shows that without a keyboard cleaning, over the months, they can accumulate more bacterias than a toilet.

And think about it: you put your hands on it every day and certainly would not want to live with this kind of mess, is not it? So if it`s been more than three months since its keyboard does not know what is clean, it`s time to roll up our sleeves, separate cleaning supplies and leave everything smelling new again.

Materials Required:

- At least two different wiping cloths (lint-free);
- Swabs;
- Detergent;
- Water;
- Vacuum Cleaner;
- Screwdriver;
- Clamp;
- Can of compressed air (if possible).

Cleaning the keyboard

The first thing you should do is turn off your computer and unplug the mouse and keyboard. Do not attempt this type of cleaning with the connected PC. The same goes for notebooks.

Let`s start by cleaning our keyboard.

First, turn the keyboard upside down, shaking it as possible to remove excess dirt. If you have access to a can of compressed air, spray it between the keys, so as to remove excess dirt. Then pass the vacuum cleaner over the keyboard, using the nozzle with bristles.

After removing excess dirt, mix a little detergent with water - very little indeed - and lightly dampen a cloth with the mixture. Pass it over the keys to take the oiliness caused by the touch of your fingers. Wait five minutes for drying and finally passing a dry (preferably a flannel) on the keyboard.

- Do you clean your laptop/pc?
- If you do, in what space of time?
- And, what products do you use for clean?

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