HOW TO: Check iPhone 4 for Water Damage if you`re buying a USED one!

<em>I`m sure we all want or would like an Apple iPhone but it could be over priced for our budget so some of us might settle with buying a used one once a newer model comes out. But in order to buy a used one you have to check if the phone has had any previous phone damages especially water damage because you don`t want to be ripped off and in the end buy a phone that won`t work in a few days...</em>

<strong>How to Spot Water Damaged iPhone?</strong>

<em>There are four sensors in the Apple iPhone. The sensors should be white but if they are red then that indicates that there has been water damage (the phone has come in contact with liquid or heavy humidity and you shouldn`t buy the phone).</em>

Two Sensors that can be seen without taking the phone apart is:

- Sensor #1 located in the Headphone Jack. You would need a flash light to shine light in the headphone jack to see if there is a white sensor or red. If white, you`re good to go. If red, then check #2, if red as well then it`s a no buy!
Note: For the headphone since the person may use the headphones a lot the sensor may have fallen off so don`t hesitate and try looking at sensor #2.
- Sensor #2 located at the dock, shine a line in to see if there is a white sensor if so you`re good to.

Two Sensors that requires you to open the phone up:
(You will need a screwdriver)

- Battery Sensor
- Logic Board Sensor

Same idea make sure the sensors are white and not red.

If the first two sensors are white then you`re probably good to go and don`t have to continue checking the inside of the phone.

I never knew there were sensors in the iPhone to check so that`s a pretty nice article to inform those who are buying used iPhones. I will keep that in mind if I happen to ever buy a used iPhone and I hope this post came handy for you. =)

<strong>Did you know Apple iPhones had sensors so you would be able to know if your phone had water damage?</strong> I didn`t but even if someone was selling an iPhone.. I`m sure they will let you evaluate the phone but I`m not sure about opening the phone up cause what if you break it in the process.. but if the person doesn`t have anything to hide I`m sure they will let you. =)

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