How to: Care for Long Hair

4 years ago

If you`ve ever grown your hair, you know how painful it is to keep the ends healthy and free of split ends.

My hair has grown down past my waist and I`m proud to say, there are no split ends!

It doesn`t take much effort nor money to keep your hair healthy and growing.

The first step is examining the state of your hair right now. If it`s dry, brittle, soft, limp etc.

If you have split ends at the bottom, but you don`t want to have your hair trimmed off, there is a way to prevent further damage. Through you cannot reverse split ends, you can seal them, letting your hair grow long enough so that you can trim it.

If you haven`t started using a conditioner, start using one now as it helps lock in moisture. The general rule of thumb is: Use shampoo sparingly and conditioner liberally. If you rub your shampoo near the ends, it actually dries it out. Try letting the shampoo run down your roots when you rinse it out. This way, your ends are clean but won`t get dried out.

Also, it is recommended to limit the use of heat styling products to minimize the damage to your hair. It may look odd in the beginning, but the fly-aways will get tamed and your hair becomes healthier.

Use a split end sealant to lock in the split ends to prevent them from getting worse. They generally cost around $10-15 and it is worth the investment. They last about 6 months depending on how much you use.

Personally, I always use John Frieda`s Night Serum right after I dry my hair. I wash my hair in the mornings everyday and I found that it sealed my split ends without leaving any residue and the ends remained sealed. As I have long thick hair, it usually takes the salon a good 2-3 hrs just to trim my hair and I never had the time to go in. So my hair was left untrimmed for 6 months and with using the serum on a daily basis, the split ends stopped getting worse.

This meant that when I went and actually got my hair trimmed, the damage was only the original 2 inches from 6 months ago. I trimmed it myself and now, 2 months later, my hair has grown back to its original length but without split ends.

It`s a good idea to get your hair trimmed about 1/2 an inch - 1 inch every 2-3 months to ensure that the hair is healthy. Generally speaking, hair does not grow fast, it generally grows about 1/2 an inch - 1 inch every month. So if you want to grow your hair, don`t trim it past its growth rate.

Hope that helps.


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