How to buy cute clothes under 5 dollars.

6 years ago

Do you see those skirts? Well they were both 4.99. Pretty cute? Well I really hate it when people don`t have the patience to wait for sale. Honestly, it`s stupid. I was at Urban Behavior and I saw a girl buying a pair of leggings that were 17 bucks! I bought the exact same pair of studded leggings that was only $5 a week later. Funny isn`t it? People don`t care where their clothing comes from, all that hard labor in China makes me not want to buy expensive clothing anymore. Which is why I suggest you all buy sale clothes. Infact, everything I wear is on sale. Maybe once in a while I will treat myself to something expensive but majority of my clothes comprises of sale items. Apparently, I dress the best at my school. But I find it hilarious because all I wear is cheap clothes.

Tip #1
Anyways..the special tricks to this is that if you`re really interested in going shopping, always check the prices online before you go. It`s a major must for me, I check the clothing websites for sales and if there is any sale, I will go. You`re going to actually walk into a store without knowing there`s a sale? It`s a waste of time. I usually know what I want once I view an online clothing store so I can just buy what I want that`s on sale.

Tip #2
NEVER EVER BUY CLOTHES BEFORE CHECKING IT. Sales items are FINAL SALE; which means YOU CANNOT RETURN IT FOR ANOTHER ITEM/EXCHANGE/REFUND. I`ve made this mistake by buying a jacket with a tiny little rip in it, even though it wasn`t as severe.

Tip #3
Never buy any item that doesn`t look like it would look chic or fashionable. If you guys ever heard of those tacky wack stores like "Stitches" ( they sell such cheap clothes all the time and it`s always on sale, but it doesn`t mean you have to buy it just because it`s on sale. Buy items that you would see on a magazine or a fashion website ( for instance.

Tip #4
Most clothing items go on sale, I can`t stress this enough. EVERYTHING WILL GO ON SALE EVENTUALLY! Because, stores will always get new collections and have to dump out the old, and you can save it and wear it next year because fashion just repeats itself over and over. Just wait. The sequin skirt up there, it was 35$ before and I waited ever since BOXING DAY! (December 26th) for it to go on sale.

That`s all I have for now..this might suck considering this is my first post ever. I`ll be posting all my cheap finds :)

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