How to be like Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place!

4 years ago

Alex Russo is a unique and fascinating girl. She always gets into trouble and is lazy to do anything. She likes to pull pranks on people and mess with things!

Clothes, makeup & hair.

Alex Russo is not a big girly-girl. She refuses to be just like every other girl in her school. She combines femininity with a more tomboy-ish style (at least in the first seasons).

Alex usually wears skinny jeans of every possible colour! Pick the colours you like and mix it up with a colorful top or a cute cropped top! Alex sometimes also wears short skirts with leggings. Combine a cute skirt with long socks and a pair of cute boots or just some simple Converse. She, also, likes to wear a lot of layers! Go for a simple t-shirt with a smart print on and wear a striped cardigan on or you could wear a long sleeved shirt and a short one on on top. Alex likes to mix up the colours she wears. Her style is a little bit tomboyish, but not all the way! Especially in the two last seasons she changed her style into a more sophisticated, feminine and classy style. She usually wore a pair of dark, skinny jeans, a cute cropped top, wedgies or boots and some cute silver jewelry or a cute scarve.

Alex occasionally wears cute hats and beanies along with cute accessories like scarves with cool prints on them, belts, necklaces with "peace" signs and cute long, knitted gloves with tip-cuts for the fingers!

As for shoes in the early seasons she used to wear simple Converse shoes or boots. When Alex grew up a little bit she started wearing high heels, wedges and boots with high heels.

Alex doesn`t wear a lot of make up. She usually just wears a little bit of liner or mascara, a discreet eyeshadow and a little bit of shiny lip gloss. Be sure to do your make up in a way that it seems very natural, almost as if you don`t have any on!

As for the hair Alex styles her hair both straight and curly, down and in an updo. You can go with anything that looks good on you! Alex used to have different hair styles and lengths: when she had long hair she wore them both curly and straight. Then she cut her hair in a cute "care" short hair style with a light fringe. She still styled her hair both straight and curly. You can try different things out! Change and play with your hair a little bit! Try curling your hair and putting them in a loose, relaxed updo (I call that the "Ancient Greek Goddess" :P) You could also straight your hair, put them in a high pony tail and add a cute thin, plastic headband to hold your bangs (but this is optional). Whichever style you like, Alex`s hair always lookes very cute and nicely done giving her a romantic touch.

Alex is a little dare devil! She is always acting lazy and always chooses the easy way out! Alex is not actually mean, she is just "street smart" and almost devious, which sometimes makes her a little bit scary! I am, of course, NOT suggesting getting into trouble and trying dangerous things out! But, Alex always likes to have a little bit of fun and acts a little bit snicky!

Alex is very funny and sometimes without even realizing it! Sometimes what makes her funny is the fact that she makes fun of other people. Sometimes just the way she talks is funny and sometimes her ignorance or lack of knowledge in something`s makes her funny! Just find something that makes you funny! It could be impresions or sarcasm or anything else! Keep in mind that you don`t have to act exactly like Alex!

She is not a good student at school, probably because she`s too bored and not really interested in the subjects taught there. Once again, don`t ditch school or stop doing your homework and stuff! Alex is a wizard, so she always tries to fix everything she messes up with magic! She keeps a notebook with all her magic spells, probably because she doesn`t bother learning them by heart! Alex, also, has a funny and cute laugh! Try laughing with a cute and weird laugh, but still make it of your own, don`t fake it!

Alex has a best friend, Harper. She sometimes takes advantage of the fact that Harper is very innocent! But, no matter what Alex loves her very much! Sometimes Alex hides stuff from Harper in order not to hurt her feelings! But, in the end always helps her and shows how much she loves her! Alex doesn`t really get along with her older brother, Justin, and kind of takes advantage of her little brother, Max! She may pretend to be a tough girl and that she doesn`t love her brothers, but in reality she really cares about them!

Whatever you do don`t change your character completely! Be your own version of Alex!

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you!

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