How To: Banana Cream

2 years ago

I recently have been following some raw vegan accounts and discovered some delicious meals! I am not a raw vegan, however, I do enjoy some raw vegan meals and add my own twist to them!

My friend, who is a raw vegan, told me to try to make banana cream to substitute my usual bowl of cereal for breakfast! And let me tell you, banana cream is delicious and easy!

How to:
1) Peel and slice your bananas (I use two every single day)
2) Freeze them OVERNIGHT (this is extremely important, they need to be frozen anywhere from 6-8 hours in order to get the right consistency)
3) Use a food processor blender and add a couple of table spoons of water and blend
4) Viola! You have banana cream... tastes like banana ice cream
5) Add your toppings ( I typically go for granola!)

It just taste like frozen delicious bananas in an ice cream consistency!

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