How To: Apply Backing To Your Nail Art Image Plates

5 years ago

After receiving my Red Angel plates I took the plunge and did my first attempt at applying a backing to them. This will work on any image plates that come as just the raw plate with no backing on them. The reason for adding a backing is to add some thickness, which removes some of the danger of slicing yourself while trying to use the plates. Further, they won`t scratch up your work surface. I pretty much followed the steps that Miss80million showed over a year ago in one of her videos. The second photo shows the materials needed, with the exception of *one item, which I used last minute at the end.
WHAT YOU`LL NEED: your image plates (duh) thick paper/queue cards/note cards (this is the backing) double sided tape (to adhere the plate to the card) exacto knife/box cutter (to trace around outside of plate to remove from card) *sandpaper (smooth over any edges after plate and card is cut out) First make sure your image plate is clean of any debris. Next, pull off a strip of tape larger than the diameter of the plate. You want to make sure it is going to completely cover the plate so it sticks as best as possible. Lay your first strip of tape at the very edge. Don`t worry about pressing it down, in fact, you don`t want to. If you handle the tape too much it will remove the adhesive. Just make sure you lay it down as neatly as possible. You can also start in the center if you are more comfortable doing that. I just worked starting from the edges. Lay down each strip of tape flush with one another. You don`t want any gaps. Any naked plate portions = not adhering to the paper = less secure. Mine took three strips of the Scotch tape. Depending on the brand you use, you may need more or less. Lay your plate down (tape side to paper) on the queue card and press firmly. You want to make sure you put pressure completely around the plate to make sure it is sticking well to the card. For the card size I chose (4 x 6) I was able to get two plates per card. At this point you`ll want to use your blade to
carefully cut around the plate to release the plate from the excess card. I didn`t photograph this (sorry!). When you pull your plate away from the card, this is what you`ll have. You may or may not have completely smooth edges. I did not. This was driving me crazy. I tried to go back around to smooth it over but then my husband pointed out that using a small square of sandpaper would help to smooth and take away the obnoxious straggling pieces. That`s what I did. In the stacked up photo you can see they still don`t lay flush with one another like, say, the Konad plates or the second edition Bundle Monsters, but they stack
better and won`t slice your fingers when you handle them. NOTE: While backing my image plates I chose to leave the protective blue top sheet on them. I didn`t want the cutting or filing to scratch up the top of the plates. You can 100% do all of this with the protective sheet off, though. Doing this was a bit tedious and mind numbing, but it really didn`t take too long and I`d do it all over again should I buy more plates that need backing. I
prefer them to arrive already backed, but if they don`t, it isn`t the end of the world and I can fairly easily do it myself.
-If youd like to see more pictures of this, please visit my blog!
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