How to achieve the Perfect Smile(On pictures and in rl)

i`ll give you some tips how to get a perfect smilee(:
On Pictures.

O1;natural teeth WHiTENiNG (:

-make sure to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day (:

-some fruits such as strawberries are excellent tooth whitener,strawberries can be rubbed on the teeth or mashedd up in a paste and brushed on. leave on the teeth for five minutes & rinse well.

-baking soda has long been used for dental whitening,many types of toothpaste have baking sodaa in their ingredients because of its effectiveness,you can make your own baking soda whitener though,just mix baking soda with a little salt - a good cheap teeth whitening home remedy(:

-drink lots of water,rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal or snack to make sure no food residue is sticking to your teeth(:

-try to eat a better diet with lots of raw foods - fruits and veggies,make huge salads,avoid fast food and processed food as much as possible,avoid constant snacking

-all of this will help give you brighter, whiter teeth with fewer cavities(:


-when you smilee, lips gloss is the bestt(:
makes your lips look bigger & nicerr.

-keep your lips healthier & don`t bite them when you`re nervous.


smile with your eyes,
when we think of smiling, we think of the mouth, but the eyes may actually be more essential to a warm, genuine smile(:

look at taylor`s picture, see her eyes ?
they`re "lighting up" or "twinkling`` (:


when you`re taking pictures of yourself, you smile(:
&& to look even more better,
but your hand around your face, on your hips, or by your chin(:

to get a more relaxed & happier photo(:

Tell me if any of this works for you!!(:

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